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Altar Servers

An altar server is a lay assistant to the priest or deacon during Mass or other religious service. An altar server assists the celebrant in supporting tasks during Mass or religious service such as:

  • Preparing the Altar prior to and after the Mass or religious service;
  • Carrying the processional cross, candles, or incense boat during the entrance and closing processions;
  • Holding the Missal while the celebrant prays;
  • Assisting the celebrant with the preparation of the chalice, lavado, and ringing of the altar bell

As an altar server, you would be an example of faith and prayer to other children and to adults by your prayerful presence at Mass. By sharing your time and talent with the rest of the parish, you would be showing how much God is a part of your life.

To become an Altar Server, you will need to attend some training sessions. You can serve during any of our Saturday and Sunday Masses as well as Seasonal celebrations such as Christmas and Easter once training is completed.

If you are interested in becoming a Sacred Heart Church Altar Server, please contact Sr. Elizabeth at the parish office. Telephone 914 668 7440.

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